Yellow and purple raw carrot sticks with chickpea hummus dip

Are you going mad trying to get your kids to eat fruit and veg?

No worries, EMC is here to help. We asked ourselves: why not share with parents the tastiest, most fun, easiest recipes for their kids?

So here is an old-style recipe book that we will put together month after month throughout the spring and summer, the seasons in other words when this mission impossible of getting our kids to eat fruit and veg is just a little less impossible.


You’ll see that without them even realising, your kids will love these recipes and ask for seconds!


March’s recipe is “yellow and purple raw carrot sticks with chickpea hummus dip”.

Let’s go!


If time is short, buy a ready-made chickpea hummus from the supermarket: you will see that many brands today make it with just a very few ingredients.


If you have the time (and the desire), all you need to do is google “chickpea hummus” to find the perfect recipe.


If you are afraid that they won’t like hummus, take a low-fat Greek yogurt, add EVO oil, salt and any aromatic herbs they like, mix it all together and you have made a really healthy alternative to a classic mayo.



  • chickpea hummus (ready-made or, as above, prepared to suit your needs)
  • yellow and purple carrots (you decide how many; we suggest starting with 4 carrots in total)
  • pitted black olives (how many? however many you think)
  • green carrot tops (again play with your imagination)



Clean the carrots and cut into sticks. Don’t throw away the tops, put them to one side. Take a plate and get inventive!


The carrot sticks could become the hair of a scientist who has had an electric shock and the green top his beard. Add two black olives for his eyes and spoonful of hummus as a smiling mouth.


Or use the carrot sticks as the sun’s rays with a bowl of hummus in the middle as the sun – bingo!


Another idea? Arrange the carrots into symbols (+#- etc.): your kids have to guess the code and eat them all up to win a prize (an ice-cream perhaps).


What are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild and happy dipping to all the family!

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