Welcome winter: back to school in warmth and style!

When the Christmas holidays are a distant memory and leaving home to return to school seems the most challenging adventure on the face of the Earth, all that remains is to do one thing: dress comfortably, warmly and with a touch of unmistakable style


Winter, which has recently welcomed us into its ice arms, may or may not be our favourite season but it is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy all those super comfy and cuddly garments that we often leave in the closet to use them “when it is really cold”. 


Well, that cold has finally arrived and with it, also the return to school that challenges every day adults and children to face the briskest mornings of the year.


To fight the winter temperatures, look for that push that helps us to get out of the warmth of the blankets and finally find the desire to start again in this 2022, we at EMC recommend dressing the little ones in really comfortable, warm, stylish clothes that give you a feeling of total comfort throughout the day. 


What do you think of this super girly sweatshirt with a big heart? What about this casual tricot sweater? Each EMC garment supports the freedom of movement that all children want to have and the FW21/22 collection is truly a burst of comfort, fashion and magic.

The Disney capsule dedicated to Winnie The Pooh, in fact, offers very sweet emotions of joy and surprise. Moreover, it is a great idea to unleash and bring with you that hint of magic that you need to start the new year at its best.


What do you say, we try this method to win the winter cold? 


Get inspired by the FW21/22 collection from EMC and unleash your imagination, find the perfect garments for your children and have fun together to create cute and winter-proof looks!

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