Sea all year round (almost) for free? Sure… in a bottle!

 If this year we had to cancel our summer holidays but we are still looking forward to having fun and playing with our kids, here’s a perfect activity for you: sea in a bottle.


While looking for new games to do with the family, we came across this DIY tutorial on a US blog (credits: that left us speechless both for the fantastic result and its simplicity of realisation.


We’re sure that you and your little ones will be excited about this beautiful little project. Our advice? Do it in the hottest days, when the desire of sea is stronger than ever: this DIY will take you right there with your mind.


What you will need is almost certainly already in your house and, if not, you can just do a quick stop to the stationery store or supermarket.


Here is the material you need: a used plastic bottle (let’s recycle!), a little water, a small pack of blue food colouring, some fish-shaped toys or stickers (shark, octopus, starfish… just follow your creativity!)and to finish, if possible, some shells, like those famous souvenirs that we never know where to put, or even some pebbles to make our sea in a bottle more realistic.


The process is simple.

First clean well the plastic bottle, removing labels and glue residues, so to avoid making an unpleasant mess. A granma’s hack? Use a little cotton with olive oil, and any residual glue will come off easily.

Then, fill the bottle with water, up to about halfway. This facilitates our kids’ grasp and, most importantly, allows them to feel the sea with all their senses: not only our child will see the waves and the marine elements, but playing with the bottle our children will also listen to the gentle rush of water, creating a beautiful marine atmosphere.

Once you have put the water, just add few drops of blue food colouring and shake well.


At this point, we can also insert the other elements: shells, pebbles and if you have it, even small fish-shaped toys. Alternatively, we can attach the marine stickers on the outside helping our kid out.


Once we have embellished our bottle and we are sure we have inserted everything that makes us feel the most like on a beach, we can close the cap well and, for safety, also use some hot glue to seal it well.


 And that’s it!


We have created our very own sea in a bottle, and we can enjoy it as many times as we want.

Now you just have to try it, have fun with your children and “travel” with them towards white beaches and blue seas, full of colourful and cute little fish.

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