Playing outside: let’s do it until we can!

Winter is coming – it’s that season that separates snow and cold weather lovers – which are able to find many things to do despite the adverse weather – from those who love being warm, which in this period enter in a semi-hibernation state with hot chocolate, couch and TV. Anyway, we want to give you a small guide to the most common and easy activities that you can do during winter – that’s right, something that, with a little willpower, even you sofa lovers can do!


It’s true, not everybody can travel freely within one’s own region or outside of it, but for those people who can travel now (or, hopefully, are soon going to), here are some suggestions to use your time in the best way possible and enjoy the surrounding nature. Considering the fact that this year we all are moving around less than usual, spending some time outdoors can become therapeutic both for our body and mind. Especially for kids, being outdoors and performing activities able to stimulate the endorphins release, which takes place when we are in a good mood, is really essential. Sometimes we think that spending time outdoors when it’s cold is not healthy, but there are actually several studies which state the exact opposite – that is, performing outdoor activities during the winter is beneficial both for our general health and for correct psycho-physical development. Playing surrounded by nature is useful because we are exposed to sunlight, which is essential to fix vitamin D, important for many body functions such as calcium metabolism and for preventing infections.


Now let’s get to business:


With the right clothes on and perhaps during the warmer hours, kids can have fun outside the house: the playground will definitely be a happy place to relax, play and use some energy. Collecting twigs, dry leaves, pine cones etc. will, later on, keep you busy in the house creating homemade gifts and Christmas decorations, stimulating our kids’ creativity and manual skills, so our time spent home can become productive.


In those regions where it is still possible, and if you live close to the mountains, taking a day trip to the hills or mountains is a great way to enjoy nature and its landscapes and, more importantly, to take advantage of the freedom we have while it is still allowed. If we visit a place where there is snow, our kids can have fun playing with skids, making snowmen, doing the snow angel and, of course, you can challenge each other in a classic snowball fight!


Similarly, in those regions where this is possible, and for those who live close to the beach, taking a day trip to the sea to stroll, run and play is a fantastic way to spend a day with the family and allow our kids to distract themselves and breathe a different air compared to the one in the city.


If you liked our suggestions, don’t lose any more time and go live a nature adventure as soon as possible! It doesn’t matter where – what counts is to spend some time outdoors until it’s possible, to release some energy and enjoy our freedom to the fullest!

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