Kids, let’s play outside! Why it’s good for the health and how to dress them.

Being outside is good for them, even during the winter.
The reason is simple: inside closed and crowded environments (such as schools or kindergartens) there are many viruses and bacteria going around – which will start the well-known circle of sneezes.


It is good for the mood too.
Being outdoors, even at lower temperatures, makes the immune system stronger: spending some time outside – being exposed to the sunlight – allows the body to synthesize the vitamin D, which improves the mood as well!


That’s why, according to statistics, kids who spend some time outside even during the winter will fall sick less often!


Pay attention to the smog!
Playing outside during the winter is good for the health – provided that you don’t find yourself in a particularly polluted area.
In this case, it’s better to create some ‘open air’ play moments in healthier places, such as a park or on the mountains.



More than just health.
The winter landscape gives your kids a new kind of inspiration compared to spring or summer. This way, our children can discover new natural elements and experiment new ways of playing and moving.


Now, if you are asking yourself how to dress your kids when it’s cold outside, here are some simple rules!


First of all, we need to be careful with the most sensitive areas of the body, such as ears, head and throat: scarves and hats are essential accessories.
Hands and feet should be kept warm as well, in order to avoid heat dispersion – so let’s use gloves and a nice pair of wool socks!



The ideal jacket is wind and waterproof, in order to protect our kids from humidity. Quilted jackets and parkas, for example, allow them to keep warm while still moving easily to play!



What about under the jacket?
It’s better to avoid the wool and choose items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts.



The key word? Layers!
Layering up the clothes works every time and it’s the best way to make sure our kids are protected properly. Dress your kids according to the activity planned and the outside temperature.


If your children are playing and running around, it’s not necessary to cover them too much: if they sweat, it’s better to take some clothes off.


No more excuses now! Ready to go outside?

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