Green ideas for a sustainable snack

It’s back to school in September and one of the things parents have to think about is their children’s snacks. It’s important to eat a nutritious snack to maintain energy levels and concentration, but also to relieve that feeling of hunger to avoid them stuffing their faces at lunchtime! Not all snacks are the same though: let’s see what to put in our little one’s backpack!

Instead of industrial products, choose a homemade alternative for their snack, which you can prepare on Sunday together with your kids, such as cakes or biscuits with oatmeal and dried fruit – delicious and healthy. Don’t forget seasonal fruit! Grapes and figs are in season at this time of year, and they’re full of vitamins and mineral salts.

Alternatively, if your children prefer savoury foods, why not enjoy preparing some crackers with seeds or savoury scones, which are easy to make and the little ones are bound to love them.

Don’t forget about the environment: don’t use disposable plastic containers anymore, or aluminium foil and nylon cling film to store your children’s snacks; instead, go for biodegradable and compostable materials or use recyclable snack containers made from colourful and hard plastic – definitely a more environmentally friendly idea!

The same concept applies for water or fruit juice, which you can also make at home using your children’s favourite fruit: replace plastic bottles and individual cartons of juice with an aluminium bottle, which is light and can be reused.

A child who eats in a healthy and conscious way, will be a healthy adult who’ll know how to look after themselves and, with your good example, they’ll already be used to making choices that respect the environment!

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