Christmas will always be magic!

There is no doubt anymore: this Christmas will be different from any other. Luckily, we have seen this coming and we had the chance to get ready for the limitations of this month. We can definitely still do one thing – make our kids’ Christmas really magic! Below you will find some tips to better handle these unusual holidays.


First of all, it’s important to explain to your kids that, due to COVID, these Christmas celebrations will be different. Remember that our children live in our same social environment; in their own way, they are “aware” of what’s going on – perhaps even more than us. Don’t spread the anxiety and hanger due to the missed Christmas holidays to your children. Try to carry on the traditions they are most used to and communicate happiness to the little ones.


Uncertainty, suspense and mystery are the main ingredients of these holidays, so we should try to create a thrilling atmosphere. On Christmas Eve, let’s put our kids to bed early and tell them a story, so we can announce Santa’s coming during the night. This way, we allow our kids to travel with their imagination and dream, as the secret of Christmas is immersing your children in a fairy-tale dimension.


When it comes to presents, don’t overdo it – in this case, less is more! Two or three presents are enough to allow your child to focus on the pleasure of surpriseKids are not into luxury, they do love simple things. Be mindful of your kids’ needs. On Christmas day take advantage that you won’t have all your relatives around and spend more time playing with your kids.


After all, Christmas is still the most magic moment of the year, so we are sure you will do anything you can to make the best out of it, despite all the limitations.


EMC wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

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