Can creative recycling inspire a collection? Of course it can!

For decades we have been taught that plastic harms nature. But has this always been true? Had it not been invented, we would not have seen the technological evolution we needed. Now all we have to do is give plastic new life to ensure it is still useful, but in a more respectful way. 


The 2022 Fall Winter collection is inspired precisely by plastic: light, colourful, fun, adaptable and capable of new forms and uses thanks to the art of creative recycling. And these EMC garments are exactly that: ready to support our children’s adventures and their dreams, which can be truly powerful if they come from the heart. Such as a wish for a cleaner, child-friendly world that guarantees a future for everyone forever. Adults are working on this, drawing inspiration from children themselves who, at the end of the day, just want to bring a bit of magic into their everyday lives, together with a dash of creativity and imagination.

From day to evening, from school to afternoon activities: EMC’s magical 2022 Fall Winter collection suits the needs of everyone—not only its wearers but also their parents and the new habits coming into our homes. In fact, one of EMC garments most remarkable features is their long-lasting durability: they endure all the washing, games, running and busy days to give kids the chance to invent new amazing adventures. 


As always, we confirm that EMC clothes are great quality and satisfy all tastes: from sportier lines in brushed cotton, to elegant party items and magical ones such as dresses, suits, sweaters and outerwear that are 100% comfortable yet ever so slightly refined, without forgetting the basics that allow fun mix and matching for original ad hoc looks for every boy and girl.


A creative collection that stems from the need to shout out loud that we really can achieve the children’s dream of a cleaner, more magical, almost fairy-tale world, where we learn to reuse things instead of throwing them away, if we all commit to this long important battle.


After all, plastic will not grow flowers but recycling can do this and much more besides.

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