Back to school? Yes! In style and keen to learn

September always seems far away, but when it arrives it passes so quickly we don’t even notice it. We have, in fact, already reached the end and we can say that the first two weeks of school were a bit… unsettling, right? What with hot days and cool days, rain and weird weather, we have rather lost our bearings and we reckon we need to take a pause as we figure out how to start over as autumn arrives.


That’s why we have created this mini-guide to accompany our children and teenagers on their back-to-school adventure with fresher minds!


  • Sport: old or new, just do it
    Getting used to the whole school-sports-competition-games routine is not an immediate thing, but as soon as you get back into it and the gears start turning again, you realise how much you had, in fact, missed it. Sport for our children is essential and doing it after school is optimal. It helps them to work of energy accumulated during the day, as well as providing a whole host of benefits that we already know about. Let them choose the sport they want to practise, but help them in their decision: many sports centres offer open days to introduce as many sports as possible. Check them out and see what they have to offer!
  • Three new habits
    We often drag (not always positive) summer habits until almost Christmas out of laziness or unwillingness, such as eating a big breakfast, reading the same story or fairy tale to our kids or spending more time than necessary playing games on screen. To kick-start this new beginning and show that if you want to, you can, let’s invent 3 new (lovely and healthy) habits to do with our children. Such as reading a new book with them every month or playing a board game after dinner instead of going straight to the TV. If we suggest these to the kids as a fun thing to do, we will succeed!
  • Cheerful, comfortable, relaxed looks
    This advice may seem trivial, but it actually embodies what we often take for granted. Giving our children outfits that express their characters, energies and ways of being is a gesture of love and daily support. This, and the values that have always made us stand out, are what inspire the EMC new Fall Winter 2022, a collection featuring bold colours, fun patterns and also more elegant sporty garments to give every little girl and boy a chance to express themselves in everyday life with a unique style.


What also guided us in the creation of this new collection was the desire to offer garments that were not only perfect for kids’ adventures but would also last over time to help parents

EMC garments are in fact known for their incredible durability, even after lots of adventures and plenty of machine washing. 


The Autumn Winter 2022 collection is all this and more; the icing on the cake that was missing for a return in fine style and the everyday choices our children need to add a touch of originality and lots of comfort.


What are you waiting for? Follow these tips carefully and leap into this beautiful new season. Discover the whole new EMC collection on our social channels and… have a good start!

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