Yoga and children: why it is good for the little ones.

Yoga is a cross discipline suitable for everyone, even children: a real cure for a harmonious growth from a physical and emotional point of view.

For years we have been talking about the benefits of yoga in pregnancy and more and more courses dedicated to future mothers are widespread: prenatal yoga is a good way to keep fit and relax, but above all it is also good for the health of the child.

Have you ever considered taking this activity for your baby?

In yoga for children, the focus is on the importance of movement, play activities and the ability to relate to others.

Lessons are made by couple games, warm-up exercises, asanas – yoga positions – selected for the little ones, listening to relaxing music, dancing and singing, stories dedicated to fundamental themes such as friendship, respect for others and the environment, but also moments dedicated to art and emotions, such as the design and coloring of mandalas.

In short, yoga for children is a truly complete and engaging experience, even for the little ones: one movement but a range of different activities with the aim of promoting well-being and balanced development.

On June 21st, International Yoga Day is celebrated, an excellent opportunity to learn about and get closer to this world thanks to events and demonstrations that will be held in many cities.

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