Scorching summer? 3 tips to help cool it down and enjoy it with your kids

The kids have now all finished school, the days are getting hotter and homework has already been put away in a drawer to be pulled out in a good few weeks’ time. In short, summer is really here (literally, given that tomorrow is the solstice!)


Once we’ve accepted the fact (and yes, we know it feels like it was Christmas only yesterday), all that’s left for us to do is think about how best to plan summer days with our kids, adding a pinch of creativity and getting them involved in all our activities, even the more organisational ones. 


But how? How can you cool down such a hot fun-filled summer? Here are our top 3 tips to help you enjoy this season and make it one to remember.

1. Water games but… indoors


You know that if you have a garden, you can definitely use it to organise water games in the open air and no doubt get more kids involved. Google is full of interesting blogs with whole lists of water games to play in the garden with the family, but we at EMC have preferred to focus on those who don’t have a garden and still want their little ones to play.

So here are 2 simple games that are super fun.

The fastest sponge, 2-6 years of age ?


The clue is in the name of the game. You will need a sponge, two bowls and a towel. If you have two kids, you will need an extra bowl and an extra sponge. Find somewhere in the house with enough room, lay the towel on the floor and put the empty basin in front of your kid. Now fill the other basin with cold water and put it beside them. The aim of the game? In two to three minutes (you choose the time) the kid must take the sponge, dip it in the basin with the water and wring it out over the empty one.

But how do you decide who the winner is or what the record should be if one kid is playing alone? Take the bowl filled with the water from the squeezed sponge and weigh it. The heaviest one wins and you can repeat the game again and again without wasting any water. If your kid is playing alone, let her/him have several goes so that a record can be set.

Want to try this game with older kids? Have them play blindfolded and every now and then move the bowls… the laughs are guaranteed! Et voilà: a super cool water game with no splashing!


How many cups can you hit? 7-10 years of age ?


Easy peasy: you’ll need a water gun and some disposable paper cups. Build a pyramid with the cups in front of a wall and fill the gun with water. Then, place two towels on the floor: as well as drying the drips they will also mark the line behind which the kids have to stand when they aim, shoot and try to topple as many cups as they can in one minute. Give them one turn each or several turns if playing alone and set records to beat!


P.S.: whichever game you play indoors, remember that water can be wiped up and on really hot summer days it even evaporates, so don’t worry too much if things get a bit wet.

2. Family-friendly pools and waterparks

What could be better than a day at the pool? Perfect for keeping your kids cool. Search on the Internet for a municipal swimming pool in your local town or city and the summer activities it offers. Choose the best one for you and your kids from summer camps, courses and fun activities.

And, obviously, what about water parks? There are water parks large and small the length and breadth of Italy, perfect for cooling down even the hottest summers. True, they are often crowded but if you get the chance, take your kids during the week or organise return trips with season tickets

3. Colourful cool outfits that are… totally stylish!

That’s right, the way we dress our kids in the summer helps hugely in making it a happy one. This is why at EMC we believe in clothes that are truly kid-friendly when it comes to their desire to explore and have fun even during the hottest months. The new spring summer 2022 collection has all the solutions: cool garments that are guaranteed to feel light even on the hottest of days when they still want to play and have fun. But that’s not all. Why sacrifice style for coolness and comfort alone? Our SS22 is a riot of cheerful fun outfits with unique style, all ready to be worn and accompany our kids’ in all their summer adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Grab pen and paper, tablet or phone and start taking notes for a totally fun, totally cool and absolutely stylish summer!

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