Low-cost, handmade and eco-friendly Christmas gift to make with your kids

One week before Christmas and you still have no idea what gifts to give your friends and family? We have the perfect solution to remedy this in no time. 


At EMC we love to recycle and salvage materials and objects as much as possible and give them a new life. This is why, for Christmas 2022, we decided to create this cute gift together with our children using what we were going to throw away: a few water bottles.

Christmas decorative wreath made of recycled plastic 

A fun and simple activity to do as a family in the evenings leading up to Christmas to get together and have fun creating something nice. An ornament that can not only be given as a present but that you can also keep as a decoration to reuse every year.


Let’s see together how it’s done! First of all, what do you need?



1 iron hanger (i.e., coat hanger), 

20 small green water bottles (or approx. 20)

1 stapler

1 Christmas ribbon (or a pre-made bow)



  • Cut off the top and base of each small bottle. What you will need for this project is only the middle part of each one.
  • Cut out 4 loops from the central cylinder on each small bottle.
  • Take the loops and join them together 2 by 2 using the stapler.
  • At this point, you will have small green balls hollow on the inside. We’re almost there!
  • Take the hanger, unwind it and bend it in order to form a circle. Leave the hook of the hanger intact, which will be used to hang it on the door or wherever you prefer.
  • Now thread the balls through the hoop one by one. Finally, close the hanger.
  • Take the ribbon (or the pre-made bow) and make a nice red Christmas bow and finally tie it to the hook.

And voilà, the wreath is ready!


With this little family craft, evenings in the sweet anticipation of Christmas will have a whole new flavour. And if you don’t know who to give it to, keep it ready for next year and the year after. It will be a beautiful memory that you will always carry in your heart.


After all, isn’t that the spirit of Christmas? 


Tag us in your Instagram stories to let us know how it went.

Happy Holidays to all, from EMC!

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