Kids sleepover: how to throw a pajamas party the easy way!

Kids love to do grownups things – that’s why you can throw a sleepover simply thanks to a bunch of simple hacks. You will just need to follow some steps and you’ll be able to throw the perfect pajamas party!


1. How many guests?
In order to establish the number of your guests, you will need to consider the amount of space and energy you have at your disposal, as you will have few kids over all night long. 
Ask you guests’ moms to give their kids a sleepover kit (toothbrush and … a pajamas, of course!) and take care of sheets and mats.


2. Theme party
Then, you could choose the pajamas party’s theme together with your child. This will be crucial for creating the invites and to find the right room preparation, games and food … You can get inspired by your kids’ favorite cartoons: after you established the sleepover theme, everything is going to be so much easier!


3. DIY invitations
After you have made up your mind about these two aspects, you can think about the invitations: a really nice idea is to create customized cards together with your child, which can be later delivered by hand. A ‘smarter’ alternative could be to set up a WhatsApp group chat with the mothers of your little guests, so you can share all the night’s info with everyone. You can make the group nicer with some themed emojis!


4. Games
For the girls, you can always count on a great, classic theme – beauty: your guests could play with colorful make-up and nail polishes or create beaded bracelets and necklaces (under the supervision of an adult). Boys will love adventurous games: you could set some tepee tents up to play Indians, or decorate your house with a pirate’s theme and organize a treasure hunt. Give the kids table games and recycled material for some creative art works and a selection of cartoons for the highly anticipated movie moment!


5. What about the food?
There’s no party without candies, sweets and treats: to design a yummy menu suitable for kids, choose tasty and easy-to-do snacks. We are talking about mini sandwiches, savory pies and muffins: they all are very quick to do and they are going to satisfy the kids’ palate. Sweets and salty snacks are okay … but in small amounts!


Plan some fun activities for the sleepover, but don’t have a super tight schedule: the kids will surely know how to have fun following the inspiration of the moment. As soon as your guests reach your house, share with them the house rules right away and then … have fun!

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