Halloween at home: make your own decorations!

Well, here we are – no Halloween party with our friends this time! But if you throw a mini party with your siblings or cousins, everything is allowed.
Since our kids won’t be able to play trick or treat in the neighbourhood, at least let’s make sure they can live the atmosphere of this moment full of mysteries right at home. That’s why we thought about a few advice on how to decorate your house and create some spooky costumes for the night of October 31st.


If you are do-it-yourself lovers, you can get paper, cardboard, cotton, pumpkins, skulls, spider webs, candles and white fabric to create some decorations which will make your house really scary! And let’s not forget to turn the lights down and put a spooky soundtrack on!


What you need is a ball of grey wool or cotton, pins, cardboard and a pen. Put a pin on each corner of the cardboard sheet and at the centre of each side; then, match the opposite pins connecting them with a thread. Place a lot of pins along the pulled threads and use another thread to draw circles around them until you get the classic web shape. Cover everything with vinyl glue, let it dry and hang your masterpiece, perhaps right above the entrance.


If we talk about essential decorations, you can’t forget bats. Cut some bat shapes on black cardboard using your scissors and stick them on the sofa cushions with some tape, so even your moments of relaxing will have a little thrill.


Ask your local grocery store for a couple of pumpkins for Halloween decorations. Once at home, arm yourself with a knife (mom or dad will take care of this part) and carve out eyes, nose and mouth. Get creative – you don’t need to follow the classic shape we’ve always seen, you can make bigger or smaller eyes, wide open or closed mouths, and even add teeth.


But now let’s move on to costumes and disguises – making them is neither difficult nor expensive.


The ghost costume is definitely the easiest one to make: you just need a blanket or a white sheet on which you will cut some holes for the eyes and mouth.


Take some trousers you don’t use and cut them at the ankles, then take a white shirt, stain it with lipstick or tomato and get it dirty for a worn look. Add an oversized jacket and the disguise is ready. To make a really monstrous makeup, use black eyeliner under the eyes, smudge the lipstick around the lips and draw some scars on the face.


A simple black tulle skirt and a bodysuit to be decorated with prints, themed stickers or with skull or bat-shaped applications.
Alternatively, get a long skirt that you can tear at the hems, a fitted top and a cape to complete the look. Accessories and makeup are essential, and don’t forget the pointy hat!


If you don’t have the time or desire to use your hands to create decorations and costumes yourself, you can always run to the nearest store and buy everything you need, or reuse things from past years.


Rule number one is: let’s not ruin our holidays! That’s true, friends are important – but you can still have fun with just a few people and spend a pleasant evening with your family.


That said, Happy Spooky Halloween everyone!

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