Grape harvest is a child’s play!

Who said that grape harvest is only for grown-ups? From north to south, during September and October, many Italian winemakers open their doors to all those families willing to get involved in the traditional grape harvest.


Some wineries offer the opportunity to spend a day different from any other, immersed in nature, surrounded by the scents and colours of Italian vineyards, to rediscover the hard work behind grape harvest. Here, kids will only have two rules: get dirty and have as much fun as possible.


With patience and attention, they will be taught grape harvest and pressing techniques — which, no doubt, will be done with their bare feet. Yes, you got it right: it will be done like in the old times. Our kids will get so much joy from jumping and crushing grape with their bare feet that they will not want to get out of the wineries’ big vats.

Also, they will learn the values of earth, respect for nature and, at the same time, the effort needed to obtain great (and sweet) results.


What are you waiting for? Such a special day is exactly what you need to give your whole family some light-hearted moments!


Search your region for the wineries adhering to this beautiful initiative, dedicated to rediscover the harvest of the past, then check their offer packages, pack your backpack and… off to a new adventure!


Go book now, and have a great harvest!

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