Glamping, when the garden turns into camping!

Lately, we have tried to set our creativity free and come up with new hobbies.
Now, with nice weather and warm temperatures, being outside is definitely great motivation.


So, what can we do now between our home and our garden/terrace?
We have an idea. What if we said Glamping – does anyone know about it?
This term stands for glamour and camping and refers to the world of open-air tourism and mobile homes.
All this is carefully explained in the book ‘Mobile Home for Open Air Tourism’, curated by the AML Laboratory of the Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty of the University of Pavia in collaboration with CrippaConcept.


Below you will find some home glamping ideas involving recycling material and household items. You just need a little bit of imagination to relive the spirit of adventure and create some cool tents in your garden or on the terrace. Let’s start dreaming and getting ready for your next holiday.


What will you need?
Apart from imagination and manual skills, we will need cardboard, duct tape, scissors, old bedsheets, broomsticks, poster paint and marker pens to customize your little houses.


Tepee, the Indian game
The typical tent shape we all know from the ‘cowboys and Indians’ American movies.
What do we need to recreate a tepee? Broomsticks, duct tape, old wood batons and worn out bed sheets, tablecloths or blankets.


Tree tent

Who has never dreamed of a treehouse? The closest thing to it is definitely this shell-shaped tent suspended in the air.
To recreate it, you will need a king-size bed sheet to be tied on a tree branch: the sheet will take a bag-like shape which is ideal to keep dolls, stuffed animals and little characters, so our kids and their loved toys can all enjoy camping together.


Ford Model T: let’s transform the car trunk

Ford created one of the first car models featuring the option to install an extractable king-size bed inside a tent.
Mom and Dad’s car stuck in the garden can now turn into a playground: the kids will have the task to decorate the trunk – they could use pillows, an old mattress or some gym mats and blankets.


Between one walk in the park and the other, we still have a lot of time to spend at home – but with these ideas, our home’s open spaces can become more fun and adventurous.
Take advantage of the beautiful days and nights ahead to spend more time in your garden or on your terrace.

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