FW19 children’s trends: comfortable style

There’s no doubt about it: Autumn is here and it’s brought sweaters, jumpers and coats along with it.When you need to dress your children, comfort is undoubtedly the first thing you need to take into consideration: however, keeping your eye on their style can never hurt, not even for the really little ones.

Here’s a short guide to trends for the 2019 autumn-winter season, with useful tips on how to create a comfortable, warm and trendy look for your kids!


Prints are a great way to create a trendy look that’s comfy at the same time: all you need is a pattern that’s on trend at the moment and you can transform even the most simple garments made from the most simple (and comfortable) materials into must-haves, perfect for everyday use and for all kinds of occasions.

This season’s most fashionable patterns are animal prints for girls – with a more comic-book and pop style and timeless tartan, with more neutral shades for girls and bolder colours for boys, camouflage for children, either all-over or as a specific detail.

Denim +

Denim is an essential part of any adult or child’s wardrobe: for this season, it’s enhanced with details, for him and for her. Children’s jeans get a makeover with contrasting appliqué, such as patches or side strips made from fabric, with girls enjoying plenty of sequins, rhinestones and embroidery.

Sporty glamour

For girls, skirts, dresses and fleecy jumpers, decorated with metal-effect prints for a trendy, sporty look; or a more girly version: hoodies and trousers with ruffles and bows, for an elegant but extremely comfortable look.

For boys, the classic hoodie and trousers combo features fashionable patterns. To be worn even mismatched!

Faux fur

100% cruelty-free fur is more fashionable than ever: in pastel colours or speckled, this is a must-have for little girls and don’t underestimate the fact that these are the warmest kinds of coat.

What about colours? Mustard yellow and burgundy stand out in the autumn palette, without forgetting military green for boys.

You can’t go wrong: keep this simple guide in mind and updating your little one’s wardrobe for the cold weather will never have been easier!

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