Floral sandwiches: a mouth-watering bouquet

For lunch or a snack en plein air we have just the thing for you and your children. An easy, quick and very tasty recipe to put in the basket or simply in your backpack: floral sandwiches, an idea so simple that you can do it again whenever you want your kids to eat vegetables.


When it comes to making them, there is no limit to your imagination.
So, what are you waiting for?


Ingredients (as needed):

– sandwich bread

– mayonnaise or Philadelphia

– grilled courgettes or fresh cucumbers

– lettuce leaves

– cooked ham or tuna

– cherry tomatoes

– carrots

– flower-shaped biscuit cutter


First of all, wash the vegetables. Cut the courgettes vertically into thin slices or rounds and heat up the frying pan: grilled they will be much tastier. If you prefer cucumbers, after washing them and removing the skin (children often don’t like them because they are bitter) cut them into thin rounds. Remember that the quantity of vegetables is based on the number of children. 


Then lay the sandwich bread on a flat surface. Spread mayonnaise or Philadelphia and add the washed lettuce. Then add cooked ham or tuna (or your favourite source of protein).


Once done, take the courgettes or cucumbers and lay them on top.

Now take another slice of sandwich bread and place it on the top of the layers of ingredients. Take the flower-shaped biscuit cutter and start creating the flowers with the sandwiches. Once this step is complete, we proceed to the most entertaining part: the decorations!


Place the flower sandwiches on plates and cut the cherry tomatoes in half: take one half of the cherry tomato and place it in the centre of the flower like a pistil. Do this with all the sandwiches.


Now take the carrots, cut them vertically into strips. Place them on the plate, forming the stem of the flower, and to encourage tasting, take mayonnaise or Philadelphia and add it to the plate, creating cloud-like scenery, but without overdoing it.


Et voila, the floral sandwiches are ready!


If you want to go out and take them with you, obviously some of the decorations won’t be possible, but they will still taste just as good.


What about the sweet version? Don’t worry, we have the solution! Instead of mayonnaise and Philadelphia, make or buy a mascarpone cream, wash and cut small fruit such as strawberries or raspberries, or large fruit such as yellow melon, but cut them into small pieces. Mix it all together and you have created a delicious, sweet snack.


Enjoy your snack!

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