Eco-friendly birthday party: 6 absolute must-haves

Just how fantastic are our kids’ birthday parties? And how gratifying is it to see their happy faces after they’ve played and celebrated with their little friends?


Before you say it, we know, parties are sometimes also a stressful affair. But nothing delights us more than seeing our little ones happy, knowing we lovingly organised a simple, yet fun party for them.


So, why not make it an eco-friendly celebration? In all our haste to organise things, we often forget how much a birthday party isn’t eco-sustainable, if you consider all the decorations, balloons and so on.

Here, then, are 6 must-haves for a wonderful birthday party for your kids and we assure you it will be loved and appreciated by all, including even the most sceptical of parents.


1. Decorations: only paper, thank you!

Whether it’s the classic “happy birthday” banner, or any other decoration, you can make or buy a paper version. There are so many stores and websites today that sell this kind of product. As an alternative, you can kick your creativity into gear and make them with your kids. Use old newspapers, draw and cut out all the letters, make little holes in them and then string them all together on a length of wool, which can then be used again and again.

To create a really festive mood, you can decorate the room with origami shapes made from recycled paper, or simply draw stars, hearts or smiley faces, cut them out and hang them up.


2. Yes to balloons, but in 100% biodegradable latex


As you will imagine, you can’t make latex balloons at home as they require a special process, but you can buy them! Many on and offline stores now stock them and we are sure both you and your kids will really like them.

And the good news? They go in the organic waste bin!


3. Buffet? Plastic free


Definite must-haves for an eco-friendly birthday party are eco plates, serviettes and beakers in recycled, recyclable paper. And the drinks? We know it’s difficult (if not impossible) to avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles, but we could, for example, use glass carafes with taps, filling them with water, instant cold tea and home-made fruit juices.


4. Leftover food should be given away


This should be a basic rule for any party in general. It often happens that, when it comes to going home time, there are sandwiches, sweet and savoury snacks, cakes, sweets, mini pizzas and other food left over. Check how much is left and if there’s a lot, make up doggy bags for your little guests to take home, using paper bags or boxes. They will be happy and their parents will be too, with tomorrow’s snack all sorted!

5. Let’s play! With the earth


Nearly all kids love to get dirty and what better game than one involving soil and herbs? Get some small/medium sized plant pots in terracotta or recycled materials like biodegradable fibre (paper and peat). Buy little plants like basil or parsley and organise the game: the kids must carefully take their little plant out of its original pot and put it into the bigger new one, using good soil and making sure it’s replanted properly. They can even give their plant a name and write it on the pot or tie a colourful length of wool around it like a bow. As well as being a fun game, this is also a unique going home present, a souvenir of the birthday party, lovely to look at and ecological.


6. Eco-friendly going home presents


Our final piece of advice for a sustainable birthday party: at EMC we believe it is always better to give something that will be used and not just put in the toy cupboard to gather dust. Simple pencils are always an excellent idea and even more so if they contain plantable seeds. Both on and offline you will find plantable pencils with different seeds inside the tip where the rubber usually is. Once the pencil becomes too short to use, it can be planted!


But this is only the beginning. If we use our search engine we will find so many other ideas to make our kids’ birthday parties unique, while respecting nature to the max.


Happy organising and happy birthday!

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