Don’t worry, read happy!

Reading during childhood and adolescence is essential for our children. Reading stimulates imagination and curiosity, helps strengthen the foundations of good grammar and syntax, and contributes to an evolution of critical and personal thinking. Children are no longer able to do many of the activities they were used to so it is always necessary to find new and interesting ways to allow them to be distracted and let off steam, but also to get amazed, curious, and passionate. Reading is definitely a way to make them travel with their mind, keeping them firmly on the floor of the house. The very important role that parents have is to select and propose valid, smart, and stimulating readings capable to transmit the values ​​of modern society.


Below some readings for children aged 7 and up:


The history of art explained to children. (7 years)
This interactive book, packed with colorful illustrations, communicates the love for the history of art to younger children. In addition to reading, our children will be able to cut, color, glue, and play with their hands.


What a Great Idea: Inventions That Changed the World. (7 years)
What brings men to develop an idea? This is a reading to discover the circumstances that led 18 inventors to come up with a specific idea. On a timeline spanning more than 2,000 years, the reader can discover how the first computer, phone, radio – but also train, bicycle, car and so much more – were invented.


Otto. The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear. (7 years)
A teddy bear that learned how to write during World War II tells his story. This book about friendship describes the Holocaust from a toy’s perspective, unable to understand human cruelty.


Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different. (8 years)
This book narrates the true stories of kids that became famous in the field of science, arts, or sports. Enriched by super-colorful illustrations, it teaches the kids that being intelligent, kind, and passionate is what makes them special. The award-winning version for girls Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is also super recommended.


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. (age 8)
Not the usual fairy tales about princesses but, rather, stories of girls with big dreams and their journey to turn them into reality. Scientists, artists, politicians, chefs, athletes, and so on – these are the people narrated by Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli. The 100 women described on these pages are role models of courage, determination, and generosity for anyone who wants to make their dreams come true.


Stories of very ancient children. (10 years old)

Wondering how the gods of Mount Olympus were as kids? Laura Orvieto, with the illustrations by Rita Petruccioli, tells the stories of little Perseus, Proserpina, Hephaestus, Zeus, and many others. Funny and engaging, full of amazing, colorful illustrations: this book is ideal to introduce our kids to mythology.


Girls with numbers. (11 years)
The stories of 15 female scientists against gender stereotypes. These lives are full of courage, struggle, enthusiasm, and most of all, dreams that come true. Among them, Valentina Tereshkova, Jane Goodall, Rita Levi Montalcini, Margaret Mead, Katherine Johnson, and many other women that made history.


Little by little Apocalypse! (12 years)

Written by Franco Berardi and illustrated by Istubalz, this book aims at telling the little ones what perspectives today’s world has for the future. A guide-book for the new world to come – the one that the new generations will have to reinvent. With a mix of poetry and rebellion, this is a book aimed at surprising both kids and their parents, talking without filters about the pandemic, environmental crisis, a future that looks more and more uncertain, and much more.

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