Christmas means helping!

One of the most beloved festivities in the world has now arrived and, with it, also the usual questions: what do we do for Christmas? Where are we going to eat on Christmas Eve? etc.


However, it often happens that the true meaning of this day (and period) is forgotten. What this festivity represents is not attributable only to gifts and decorations. Its spirit, in fact, should go much further.


That’s why this year we thought of an alternative Christmas, which brings back young and old with their feet on the ground, reminding everyone what really matters and thus spending a Christmas full of kindness. And what better act of kindness than to help others? It is nice to think that we can support the most unfortunate, but it is even more so to do so concretely. 


Every year many municipalities, social, cultural and religious centres organise voluntary and charitable activities to be carried out in December together with our children.


By helping these organisations, you can pack gifts, prepare and serve Christmas lunch, collect games and sweets for less fortunate children, sing with the elderly, become a secret Santa Claus, buy solidarity products and do many other things.


Associations such as Mani Tese and Caritas, relying on libraries and parishes, offer activities of this kind seeking as many volunteers as possible.

So why not take this opportunity to spend a Christmas dedicated to others, giving your time and help to those who really need it? Not only homeless people, but also families in need, elderly and women. In fact, many people need support especially at Christmas, when sharing and love for others are professed throughout the world.


If you don’t know where to start, here is a small list of organisations that are looking for our help:



It is essential to direct our children to kindness and altruism, by transmitting as many values as possible so that as they grow up, they become responsible adults willing to help others.


This holiday is the perfect time to teach them all this and share the true meaning of Christmas and how it should always be lived.


If you think the kids won’t want to do it, maybe you’re wrong. They will be very happy to spend a different Christmas and learn new things together, knowing that they are doing something concrete for someone who, if it wasn’t for them, wouldn’t even receive a hot meal or a toy. Try it for yourself!


Happy volunteering everybody!


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at EMC.

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