Carnival masks: with makeup!

We are talking about brushes, eye shadows and glitter: you can make a carnival mask for children using makeup!


Makeup, colors and fantasy

This year, make your kid’s Carnival mask using makeup: it is cheaper than buying a costume and easier than creating an outfit at home – it’s also fast, which makes it great in case of last-minute invitations.


Kids love Carnival, with its masks, sweets, confetti and sparklers. There are so many chances to have fun, from floats parades to costume parties.

Carnival masks are really a must: kids will enjoy posing as someone else and this is a great way to free their imagination, experimenting with new roles and scenarios.


Split the mirror in two

The most beautiful thing about transforming your child with makeup – perhaps in a cute animal or in his/her favorite character – is doing it together. Creating a kids’ Carnival mask with makeup means that you can also put on makeup on each other… and you are definitely going to have a lot of laughs!

Moreover, you can make your kid’s costume even more special using his/her clothes: for example, if you have a girl, an animal print dress will be perfect for you little leopard!


Skin and safety

Not every cosmetic product is the same, especially when we talk about children. Their delicate skin can be easily irritated: make sure that the products you are using contain ingredients that are suitable for the skin.

You can test the products on the arm or behind the ear: if the skin turns red, you should use another cosmetic product; don’t forget to check the expiration date!


And now, aspiring makeup artists: grab your brushes and get crazy with them – this Carnival will be one to remember!

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