Baby shower: an unforgettable party for the baby’s arrival!

On May 12, Mother’s Day is celebrated, but have you ever thought to celebrate a future mom?

The Baby shower is an American tradition, dedicated to pregnant mothers. Let’s find out which are the elements for a full-blown party, which will satisfy the mother and guests too.

Usually the baby shower is organized throughout the last month of pregnancy and is celebrated at home, but you can also choose to rent a tea room or other suitable places.

Once the theme of the party has been established, it will be easier to decide on the colors, the motif and all the details of the invitation cards, as well as the set-up, which includes in addition to the accessories for the table, some choreographic objects that recall the theme of the baby shower and some festoons to enrich the environment.

For the menu, bet on sweets and biscuits, accompanied by some savory snacks, to serve with tea or fruit juices and, to evoke a childish mood, put on the table also lots of colorful candies and marshmallows!

During the baby shower we cannot miss the games, obviously with a baby theme! You may ask for an invitation to write a wish to the unborn child on a note, guess the size of the baby bump or challenge them to recognize by the touch newborn objects hidden inside envelopes … free your imagination, laughter is assured.

Finally, you cannot forget a small gift for the guests, just a little thought, to keep for memory!

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