3 + 1 fun and simple activities to do with children in the run-up to Christmas

Christmas 2022 is a month away. For various reasons, the air has been filled with magic, anticipation and hope for a while now. Perhaps we all feel the need for peace and serenity to share with family and friends, even when Christmas still seems far away. After all, that is what Christmas is all about.


To fulfil this wish this year, we want to anticipate all those preparations that are usually done at the last minute. Here, then, are 3 activities you can do with your children and teenagers right now to start sharing sweet moments.

Letter to Santa
One of the best things about being a child is definitely the letter to Santa Claus. A moment when magic mixes with reality and children put all the effort in the world into creative, funny and sometimes even impossible requests. This year, let’s anticipate it and already start writing it together, inviting them to make it as imaginative as possible, letting them work with their imagination and go beyond the usual material things. Moreover, it can also be a way to get our children to rehearse and work slowly on a definitive letter with (hopefully) as few requests as possible because they have reasoned it out together with their parents.



Christmas card
One of the funniest activities to do as a family. Choose a theme (the more fun, the merrier), e.g., Christmas by the sea, or in the mountains, or Christmas ‘cartoon’ and organise costumes for the whole family. The aim? To create the perfect photo for a greetings card to send to family and friends. By preparing everything in good time, you will also be able to create the costumes by hand and send a real paper card, just as they used to do in the old days. Have the photo taken, printed and pasted on the card, find the perfect line for your original greetings and you will have built a fantastic gift.



Personalised advent calendar
What would Christmas be without an advent calendar? The anticipation of 25 December creates a magical atmosphere thanks to the daily discovery of the little surprises enclosed in the calendar. This year, if you still have time, you could even build it at home and personalise it in every way. There are plenty of blogs online that help with this activity to be done either as a family or ‘secretly’ to surprise the children. Here creativity should have no limits: choose the theme, colours, material and above all surprises such as simple chocolates or games to play together. The result will be amazing!

The last recommended activity is something alternative, which, however, by no means excludes all the others. Planning is also necessary for this one, if only to fit in the registration time.


Charity and volunteering

At Christmas time, many associations offer the opportunity for children and families to experience the true spirit of the holidays by helping others and creating community with a solidarity dinner or a day collecting plastic from parks dressed as Father Christmas. These are special activities, but if we try to experience them together with the children and make them understand the importance of volunteering even outside the festive season, we can be sure that we have given them (and us) truly precious memories and lessons that they will carry in their hearts forever.


In short, there is something for all tastes, ages and desires! Choose which activity to start with to create your Christmas and have fun doing it together. 


Happy preparations to all!

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